How to use Instagram's Highlights to permanently show off your Stories


On your profile there is an Archive button that will show you your post archive and allow you to switch to your Stories Archive.

While Instagram wasn't the first social network to introduce Stories to the world, it has definitely doubled down on the feature, and Stories has quickly become one of the most popular parts of the service.

Moving forward, your stories will automatically save to your archive when they expire. From there, you can choose any stories from your archive, select a cover for your highlight and give it a name.

It's that sentiment that has driven the biggest Instagram profile update since 2013: as of December 5, users will be able to keep their Stories forever using the new Archive function - and display the ones they're oh so proud of in a brand-new section at the top of each user's profile called Highlights. To edit or remove a highlight, just tap and hold that highlight on your profile. It also lacks the 24-hour limitation, allowing users to add as many "highlights" as they like.

That day-long deadline has been a central part of stories since they launched, with the idea that they would disappear quickly and encourage people not to overthink their posts. And yes, Stories Archive can be turned off altogether for those who prefer to live (and 'gram) in the moment. Though the company (which could go months on end without significant app updates prior to Stories) has been spinning out new features for more than a year now, updates have barely touched profiles. Unlike traditional stories, highlights don't disappear after 24 hours, they only go away after you delete them. You can then use the archived Stories to build Stories Highlights in which you can group previous Stories and feature them on your Instagram profile.

The Archive is private, so only the user can view their own stuff while it's in there.