GM Marketplace Lets Drivers Order a Latte From the Dashboard


Marketplace can also be used to purchase 4G LTE Data packages, extend OnStar subscriptions, and receive discounts and offers on GM services and accessories.

The new feature, named GM Marketplace, is part of a push by GM and other automakers to provide new, in-vehicle tools that could become major sources of revenues as autonomous and fully driverless vehicles come to market in the near future.

GM already has begun adding it to model year 2017 and 2018 vehicles using over-the-air updates, via the cars' built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi, but specified that using the Marketplace doesn't require an additional data plan.

GM will get an undisclosed amount of revenue from merchants featured on its in-dash Marketplace, Santiago Chamorro, GM vice president for global connected customer experience, said during a briefing for reporters.

The Detroit automaker says the technology, which is rolling out to 4 million cars and trucks in the USA through the end of the year via over-the-air updates, adheres to federal distracted driving guidelines and only works with customer consent because personal data is transferred between the vehicle and merchants to complete sales.

From now on, GM customers can order and pay for their favorite product from the comfort of their auto, probably trying to wash away the discomfort a traffic jam brings in any driver's life. The order will be ready and waiting when the driver pulls into the drive-thru lane. "Marketplace is the first of a suite of new personalization features that we will roll out over the next 12 to 18 months to almost four million U.S. drivers". They can then pay using a smartphone app. And will make it possible to access everything from grocery stores to dry cleaners while on the move.

Initial partners include a diverse group of large companies such as Starbucks (sbux), ExxonMobil (xom), and Wingstop.

"We will be adding more vendors", with some coming in the first quarter of 2018, Chamorro said.

Drivers or passengers can select the Marketplace icon through the vehicle's infotainment system to select food, fuel info, and more with just a few swift taps on the screen. Most automakers seemingly prevent you from doing most anything having to do with apps while behind the wheel. Stay up to date with all the local news, weather and sports as well as live newscasts and events as they happen.