Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris: How to Start Heroic Adventures


Providing an extra challenge, players are able to take on Heroic Adventures, a version that ups the difficulty level and rewards with loot essential to complete other Curse of Osiris activities. Curse of Osiris raises the soft cap for Destiny 2 power levels to 330 from 300, which is the limit in vanilla Destiny 2. The Prestige Leviathan Raid features tougher enemies and slightly different mechanics that can make some of the encounters a little more hard to complete. Now, the Leviathan raid and the Nightfall and Trials of the Nine firestrikes require the player to have a power level of 330 before they can attempt these events.

After just one day of Curse of Osiris in the wild, videos popped up on YouTube and complaints filled the game's Subreddit as players in the Crucible quickly realized how strong the weapon was.

This isn't the first time Bungie has done this with Destiny. However, and since a similar thing also occurred in the first Destiny game, we don't expect them to react on this! Season Pass holders can pre-load the expansion a day before its release, while everyone else will have to start updating the game on launch.

Destiny 2's newest Exotic weapons, the Prometheus Lens, is super-duper broken and overpowered and Bungie's already aware of it, the developer confirmed.