Akash kisses Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan calls Hiten 'spineless'


And once again it is said that the mastermind of the house Vikas should be given the credit for it. Hiten makes Arshi shout that she wants to be a captain. Akash Dadlani forcibly kissed Shilpa Shinde when she tried explaining to him that he must not misbehave with Hiten Tejwani!

In today's episode, all the contestants will be seen planning according to themselves for the captaincy task. A sound of baby crying was played at regular intervals, when the housemates had to take their respective prams to the parking lot and park them. This is an accomplishment for her, as she's often cited as the most playful contestant in the house, who is always teasing Hiten Tejwani and fighting with Hina, but has now proved her worth. He pulled Shilpa and requested her to apologise to Arshi. The TV actress also said that how Hiten's wife was right to say, 'be a leader and not a follower'. Arshi gets angry once again and blames him for supporting Bandgi and not her. She says, she is being forthright and can't scheme and plot like them. Vikas hatches a plan with Hiten and Puneesh about who should be the next captain of the house, while Hina discusses with Priyank and Luv that Vikas would never want her be the captain. Vikas and Hiten agree with her on her face.

We are talking about close friends Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi.

The first round of the task is complete, and Shilpa has some fun by making Priyank and Luv's doll sleep together. Vikas tells Puneesh to make Arshi understand as Akash was spreading lies.

Reportedly, Priyank was miffed with Luv for not keeping him as a priority during the captaincy task. The captaincy task had the housemates becoming babysitters. Priyank too comes to Vikas seeking help. Hina asks him what happened, and Priyank says he has no idea. Shilpa Kicks him on his butt. Akash later even asks Arshi what thing of his he should leave for her in the house, following which Arshi breaks down. Shilpa refuses. Arshi, who is expecting an apology from Shilpa, keeps showering rude words on Shilpa. Vikas regrets his decision and apologises to Shilpa.