Watch Falcons' former home be destroyed in Atlanta


The Falcons, Atlanta United, and Garth Brooks have abandoned the Dome this fall, and on Monday the stadium met its ultimate end.

The dome has been replaced by the $1.6 billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium next door.

It took just 15 seconds for the 71,250 seat arena to crumble to the floor. There's only 83 feet that separate the two, but there was a five-story industrial-strength curtain to shield the new house from damages, per the AJC. So, on Monday, the city bid goodbye to the Georgia Dome with its implosion, which appeared to go off without much of a hitch.

The Georgia Dome was torn down after 25 years as the home of the Atlanta Falcons and Georgia State University Panthers.

The Weather Channel's attempt at catching live footage of the Georgia Dome implosion was epically ruined by a rogue city bus that drove into the frame at the exact same moment the famed arena was crumbling.

Several streets and parts of Atlanta's transit system were closed to accommodate the blast and spectators. It cost $214 million.

It also hosted gymnastics during the 1996 games, where Kerri Strug famously vaulted with two torn ligaments in her ankle to help the US beat Russian Federation for the gold medal in team gymnastics.