Super Mario Animated Movie In the Works From Illumination


The Wall Street Journal reports that Illumination - the studio that made the Despicable Me movies and spin-off Minions - has been in talks with Nintendo for more than a year. The overwhelming popularity of the Nintendo Switch's Super Mario Odyssey proves that the 30-odd-year-old princess-saving ex-plumber is just as beloved and exciting a property now as he was back in his ape-hammering days. The newspaper said the deal has had its complications, centered around making the Japanese game company "feel confident it will be involved enough in the creative process". Mario creator and video game guru Shigeru Miyamoto has been a part of these talks with Illumination, and will likely be a producer for the film. Illumination produces its movies for distribution via Comcast-owned Universal, a potential relationship no doubt helped by the aforementioned Theme Park deals.

After the weird but strangely lovely disaster that was the live-action 1993 Super Mario Bros movie, it's not hard to believe Nintendo's being a tough negotiator this time around.

The WSJ go on to say that a Nintendo spokesman declined to comment, as did an Illumination spokeswoman, but we're more than excited at the prospect.

We've seen reports along these lines before, but there certainly seem to be reasonable odds of this actually happening; it'll be fascinating to see if the deal gets over the line.