PUBG will get official Chinese servers, exclusively operated by Tencent


Today, Chinese tech giant Tencent announced it won the the exclusive rights to officially release and operate Playerunknown's Battleground in China. When Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was published in China through Perfect World earlier this year, they had to change the colour of the game's blood from red to black. Last month, China said that the game was too violent and that the game's sale would likely be blocked because it strongly goes against the country's "socialist core values".

The PUBG game where players fight for survival on a deserted island is now the world's top-selling videogame, having shipped more than 20 million copies since its launch in March.

In terms of the partnership on PUBG Corporation's side, it couldn't have found a better partner to work with in China.

The deal between Tencent and Bluehole will also see an official Chinese server brought online. Just this year Tencent, known for publishing popular mobile games like Honour of Kings, saw its market value rise to $520 billion United States dollars, making it the first Chinese company to crack $500 billion. PUBG Corp and Tencent would be kind of foolish to ignore the Chinese gaming market given that it's the largest in the world, and, well, profits are more important to expansion than anything else for a growing company. "We will do our best to present a great game to the Chinese users in close cooperation with the company".