Pokémon GO players catch 500 million Pokémon in under two days


The Pokemon Go Travel event is tasking players around the world with catching three billion Pokemon in one week. The more Pokemon caught, the company says, the more rewards will unlock for all players.

What's more, with every new tier unlocked, the number of Pokemon appearing globally increases.

While most US Pokemon Go players will have the day off from work, many will be spending the day with family and friends and filling themselves up with lots of turkey and mashed potatoes. The first tier unlocks after 500 million Pokemon have been caught and it grants everyone double XP, and six hours of Pokemon luring incense. If players keep catching over 450 million Pokemon per day, they should hit that 3 billion Pokemon mark by November 26th.

If this does come to pass, Trainers can also look forward to a new Pokemon Go event reward going live, that's sure to prove popular. As for the Gold rewards specifically, it will include Farfetch'd being available worldwide and as well as Kangaskhan for East Asia. After all, two of the hardest Pokemons to find will be made easily available if they reach Gold.

"Rewards are unlocked shortly after each milestone is reached", a message from Niantic explains.

The Silver and Gold tier rewards will require 2.5 billion and 3 billion Pokemons respectively. "Good luck on your Pokemon Go Travel adventures". Revealed on Sunday, the Global Catch Challenge will be similar to the in-game event that coincided with the Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago over the summer.

Trainers will be kept up-to-date by the likes of IHasCupquake, Coisa de Nerd, and Rachel Quirico, who will be reporting from the Pokemon Go Safari Zone event, in Japan.

It's a direct replacement for the Thanksgiving event celebration run a year ago by Niantic, with the company not wanting to run two concurrent events for the game.

The challenge will run from November 20 to November 26.