Nintendo promises more Switch, SNES Classic units on shelves for the holidays


Here's one: The IVAPO Travel Carrying Case for the Nintendo Switch, now on sale for Black Friday.

Also, the Nintendo president revealed that they will not be having the special Black Friday promotions for the Switch.

Though you won't come across any bargains for Nintendo Switches or SNES Classics this Black Friday, you can expect a better supply of them wherever you do your shopping. However, he admitted that predicting the demand for such products is not an easy task. While this seems counterintuitive, it is a boon to consumers as Black Friday deals tend to contribute to the fast clearing-out of the console off the shelves. Just like 4K TVs, video game consoles are also $50 cheaper on average this year, according to, a sister site of Ebates that focuses exclusively on Black Friday deals.

Nintendo of America said it is working to ensure there is a regular supply of both consoles for the rest of the year. He further drives the point home by saying that the company is not discounting the Nintendo Switch for the coming holidays.

We're not sure how big the discounts on the 3DS consoles will be, especially since the New 2DS XL hasn't been out long and is already reasonable at just £129.

Fils-Aimé said Nintendo has tried to learn its lessons from last year's launch of another throwback, the NES Classic, which frustrated fans who had troubling finding the limited-edition console. However, even then a number of popular Nintendo games that were originally released on the Wii U have been ported onto the Switch, giving Nintendo even more sales.