East Asia Summit adopts declaration on fighting terror, PM Modi welcomes move


Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the gathering at a reception for the "Indian Community in Philippines" hosted by Indian Ambassador in honour of the Prime Minister, in Manila, Philippines. Diplomats said the thorny issue of China's aggressive military manoeuvres in the disputed South China Sea, North Korea's nuclear missile tests and the overall security architecture in the region will be the focus areas of the summit.

The India-ASEAN Commemorative Summit, as the event is officially known, is an worldwide trade meet in which India holds dialogue with the ASEAN nations to celebrate New Delhi's diplomatic relations with these countries. The grouping said it will counter terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and "suppress" the terror financing under the provisions of ASEAN Convention on Counter Terrorism and invoking relevant rules framed by the Financial Action Task Force, a global body tasked with checking money laundering for terror finances. "And tensions and radicalization in the Asia-Pacific can destabilize the world well beyond your region", Tusk said in his remarks at the ASEAN-EU 40th anniversary commemorative summit.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday strongly pitched for putting in place a rules-based regional security architecture, reflecting growing convergence among major players like India, the United States and Japan to have a coherent approach to deal with China's aggressive posturing in the Indo-Pacific region.

He encouraged the 10+3 leaders to formulate a common passion in pushing for the swift conclusion of a regional trade agreement on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).

Investment from ASEAN to India has been over $70 billion in the last 17 years accounting for more than 17% of India's total FDI. It said the member countries will take effective steps in containing cybercrime through various measures and by enhancing mutual cooperation through information sharing.

Favouring deepening of trade ties, Modi said, "Maritime links established thousands of years ago between India and ASEAN countries have enabled our trade relations in the past and we have to work closely to further strengthen them". "The task of transforming India is proceeding at an unprecedented scale".

He said the East Asia Summit should remain a strategic forum guided by national leaders and adhere to the principle of being driven by both economic development and political security.