Decision day for same sex marriage in Australia


We will be publishing an up-to-the-minute report on the results on our website, including detailed results and a quality report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Paterson's bill, which has been roundly criticised by marriage equality supporters, would allow churches and celebrants to refuse to solemnise a same sex wedding, establish a limited right of conscientious objection so no-one is forced to participate in a same-sex wedding against their sincerely held beliefs, and would allow parents to take their children out of classes that conflict with their values.

Although the result of the poll will not be binding on the government, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has promised that a bill to change marriage laws will be forthcoming.

The Human Rights Law Centre said Paterson's bill was "a Trojan horse to allow unprecedented discrimination".

"The Smith bill is a balanced bill".

WA Liberal MP Ian Goodenough said a dozen conservatives were working on an alternative Bill, which he claimed would offer more protections for Australians who do not support same-sex marriage.

"If there is a Yes result on Wednesday, Australians will have voted for true equality for all Australians - not an unfettered right to discriminate for people who voted No", said HRLC director of legal advocacy, Anna Brown.

But they have been roundly rejected by other ministers, including the country's chief law officer, Attorney-General George Brandis.

'The right to freedom of religion also appears in global law.

A private member's bill amending the Marriage Act will be introduced, and members of Parliament will be given a 'free vote, ' which means they can vote according to their own personal conscience, instead of having to agree with their political party's beliefs.

Ultimately it was up to parliament to decide which bill was the "vehicle to facilitate" the parliamentary debate.

The time has finally come to hear the heavily anticipated result of the postal survey asking Australian's whether or not same-sex couples should be able to marry under Australian Law.

"We will wait to see what the final bill looks like before we give a firm commitment as to how we will vote".

"The objective of the Bill is clear: it creates equal access to marriage while protecting religious freedom in relation to marriage", he said. "Let's get this done so we can all move forward as a fairer and more inclusive nation", Greenwich said.

"What you have is a young fogie being led astray by some old fogies".

"That would be profoundly disrespectful and a rebuke to the people of Australia".