World champs Brazil pip Euro holders Spain 2-1


Within 20 minutes, Brazil had scored two and led 2-1 in the first half.

In the second half, it was more a reflection of Dunga's Brazil rather than the Neymars under coach Tite in the senior team. They had many corner kicks but our defence was very solid.

And then few minutes later in the 72nd minute to be precise Paulinho was seen charging into the goal and the ball did see the end of the net but it was disallowed due to a foul committed by a Brazilian player. Our goalkeeper played very well today. "We have no reason to not be confident in them", Amadeu said.

Praising his players, the coach said, "It (Conceding the goal early) was bad for us for sure".

"We went on to become calm and composed and scored two goals, so it's alright", he added.

He said he was a relieved man that his side began their campaign with a win.

At some points of the first half, the players left the crowd nearly respectfully silent, grateful to watch football of a high-pedigree before their eyes. The first match in any tournament is important. The Brazilians before leaving the pitch didn't forget to thank the huge crowd that turned up to watch them play and win of course. We could see that since warm-up, people were cheering for us. To make things even more interesting - and fitting - the contest is going to be played at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Kochi - a city notorious for its love and passion for football and especially for their support of Brazil and Argentina.

Decked in yellow, the fans showed overwhelming support for the team from South America. It was really nice. In Kochi though, Brazil have taken over quite literally though they are yet to showcase their skills before fans.

In an U-17 event of this nature, there will always be freshness and innocence; in the case of this match, both amongst the players at the tournament as well as their Indian audience who were being presented footballing quality at close range.

"We have felt like home ever since we landed in India, and more so after coming to Kochi".

Spain's Santiago Denia rued that his side did not take the chances that came their way.

"There are injuries. We will try our best for the recovery before the next match", he said. We had chances but could not score.

"Humidity played a part (in our loss)". We are just children who are learning the trick and trade of this game. We have to adapt to the climate.

"We are working with our doctors and physios to improve", said Denia.