Video game franchise criticized for 'Make America Nazi-free again' tweet


He said that "It's disturbing that the game can be considered a controversial political statement at all." .

It's released on October 27 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while a Nintendo Switch release will follow in 2018. As of this writing, a post on the front page of Gamergate subreddit /r/KotakuInAction reads, "Wolfenstein 2 is supposed to be non-political but is blatantly likened to Donald Trump's campaign slogan, Twitter replies proceed to go on about the alt-right and modern Nazis".

The Bethesda Softworks game is set in Nazi-occupied America in 1961, in an alternate universe where the Nazis won the Second World War. "We aren't going to shy away from what the game is about", he continued.

Wolfenstein is a 20-year-old franchise that pits the player against a fictional Nazi army. But generally, these redditors seem to take issue with the ways in which Bethesda and many news outlets (including Mic) have noted that Wolfenstein suddenly feels more politically relevant than when the series debuted in 1992.

"We don't feel it's a reach for us to say Nazis are bad and un-American", Bethesda VP of marketing and PR Pete Hines told following the release of the most recent ad.

Make America Nazi-Free Again.

Neo-Nazis and white supremacists have been prominent in the news this year in America, with violent clashes taking place in Charlottesville following a Unite The Right march that left one counter-protester dead.

"Wolfenstein has been a decidedly anti-Nazi series since the first release more than 20 years ago".

Development on Wolfenstein 2 began in 2014, soon after the release of The New Order, three years before neo-Nazi and neo-Nazi subgroups in the United States, emboldened by the current political climate, marched in Charlotte, NC.

Hines is right; They definitely shouldn't be anxious about being on the right side of history.

He also added that some of the events in the game are directly connected to the current scenarios in the US. "So the idea of #NoMoreNazis in America is, in fact, what the entire game (and franchise) is about".

Wolfenstein franchise has always been about killing Nazis and the upcoming Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus will be no different, however, Bethesda's marketing campaign for the game is being deemed controversial by some and now the studio has come ahead to defend it.

"People who are against freeing the world from the hate and murder of a Nazi regime probably aren't interested in playing Wolfenstein", he said.

The surprise is that there are genuine Nazis marching through the streets of the U.S. in 2017, and that's put the game's anti-Nazi ad campaign into a surprisingly, unnervingly relevant place.