US President Donald Trump to allow release of JFK files


US President Donald Trump on Thursday took to Twitter and said that he will be allowing the long blocked and classified JFK files to be reopened.

Millions of classified Kennedy files have been released under a 1992 law passed in response to a surge in public demand for disclosure in the wake of Oliver Stone's conspiracy heavy movie on the assassination.

Scholars have been speculating for weeks whether Trump would release the documents related to Kennedy's death.

Kennedy was assassinated on 22 November 1963 in Dallas, Texas. The agencies are concerned that information contained in some of the documents could damage national security interests.

The CIA and Federal Bureau of Investigation, whose records make up the bulk of the batch, won't say whether they've appealed to the Republican president to keep them under wraps. "After 54 years, there is no reason, for the sake of honesty and integrity in America, that the facts of the JFK assassination should not be made public". Over the years, the National Archives has released most of the documents, either in full or partially redacted.

Kennedy assassination experts say they don't think the last batch of papers contains any major bombshells.

They are interested, however, to see if any new details emerge over Lee Harvey Oswald, Kennedy's assassin, activities in Mexico in the fall of 1963.

However, Trump administration officials told the publication that there was a concern over releasing classified documents that were created in the 1990s, saying it could provide important information on recent intelligence and law enforcement operations.