Trump refers to Virgin Islands governor as its 'president'


"These are people that are incredible people".

President Donald Trump said Friday that he had met with the president of the Virgin Islands to discuss hurricane relief efforts.

"Quite frankly, a few weeks ago, when I learned that Puerto Rico was a part of the US, I thought that that boosted my a whole new level", Trump said. They've suffered gravely and we'll be there.

President Trump said amid a discourse Friday that he'd as of late met with the President of the U.S. Virgin Islands - which is actually him.

"It's not even a question of a choice, we don't even want a choice". The official transcript of his speech, which was released by the White House, crossed out the word "president" and corrected it to "governor". The island does have a governor, Kenneth Mapp, whom Trump met with earlier this month.

The Virgin Islands is a USA island territory that was ravaged by Hurricane Maria after first being hit by Hurricane Irma.

Which is all well and good, except for one small problem: He is the president of the Virgin Islands.

During a subcommittee hearing, Perry referred to the island territory as a "country."

The president has come under fire for his response to the hurricane devastation in Puerto Rico, starting with the fact that he did not seem to know that he was president of that territory, or that its residents are United States citizens, either.

Trump and his Cabinet don't appear to actually understand the concept of US territories.