Titans receiver: Would quit over anthem rule, deletes tweet


Tennessee Titans wide receiver Rishard Matthews said on social media that he will quit the game if the NFL forces players to stand during the national anthem.

Matthews' response Thursday to a reporter from his verified account was captured by a screen grab. The tweet in question has since been deleted.

Matthews played four seasons with the Dolphins from 2012 to 2015. It was a stance started by Colin Kaepernick, but the protests became a national debate and an NFL wide phenomenon when president Donald Trump called protesting players sons of bitches. This was the first Sunday after Trump made his comments.

National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell wrote in a letter published this week that players should stand during the anthem, although the anthem it is not mentioned in the National Football League rulebook.

The reaction to the memo was such at the National Football League and NFLPA issued a joint statement, with some members of the union due to be present at next week's owners meetings.

The Titans remained in the locker room during the anthem before their Week 3 game against the Seattle Seahawks.

Matthews announced September 28 he was donating $75,000 to a group of "organizations working in oppressed communities".

"I'm exhausted of hearing, 'Stick to sports.' It comes down to right and wrong in this world", Rishard Matthews told ESPN in September. "If you see wrong and don't say anything, that's wrong". This is a movement that started as a protest against the prejudice and oppression many minorities in America face - especially as it relates to police brutality.

"I'm exhausted of hearing, 'Stick to sports.' It comes down to right and wrong in this world", Matthews told ESPN last month. It's your right to stand or sit down.