Tim Hortons' Released A Buffalo-Wing Latte And It's Super Questionable


The lattes include espresso, steamed milk, a dash of sugar and buffalo sauce flavor. It has all the makings of your classic latte, plus "Buffalo sauce flavor" and "a dusting of zesty Buffalo seasoning".

Though pumpkin spice is far and away the flavor of fall, beloved Canadian chain Tim Hortons has chose to spice things up in a very different direction.

"Been on the verge of throwing up for a couple hours now, and Tim Hortons having a "Buffalo Latte" might be what pushes me over the edge", another customer tweeted.

Tim Horton's is launching a new Buffalo Latte as part of its new espresso line at select restaurants.

Naturally, people are sceptical of the buffalo latte, and of those who are willing to drink it.

The drinks will be served at two Buffalo, New York locations from now until October 20.

Pumpkin spice is so passe.

The promo photos for the latte show the red powder-dusted drinks alongside a plate of the famous hot wings, which may or may not be a serving suggestion - although chicken wings are certainly not a staple of the Tim Hortons menu.

If you just had a strong reaction to the above, rest easy; this doesn't seem to be Tim Hortons trying to come up with a hot new autumnal flavor trend. Last Canada Day, some US restaurants served Canada-inspired treats, including a poutine doughnut - cheese curds and gravy included.