Tesla is Recalling a large batch of cars


Tesla has announced plans to recall roughly 11,000 Model X SUVs worldwide due to an issue with the rear seats, which could potentially fail to lock into place, according to the Associated Press. Tesla said it believes only 3 per cent of the recalled vehicles are affected by the issue, and a company spokesperson said it hasn't received any reports of accidents or injuries.

The problem, which was discovered in internal testing, involves incorrectly adjusted seat cables.

Tesla said some cables in the seat may have been improperly tightened, which prevents the left seat from locking in an upright position.

"We will be conducting a voluntary recall to inspect the affected vehicles and confirm whether any adjustment is needed", the company said in an emailed statement.

The problem affects Model X vehicles manufactured between October 28, 2016, and September 1, 2017, equipped with a second-row seat that folds down flat.

Tesla has sent letters to its customers who buy a brand vehicle Model X, putting fault that must be corrected. Tesla has promised to make all changes with the help of mobile vans, which will be home of the owner of the Model X. The apparent fault lies with a small number of cables located in the second row fold-flat seats, which may need to be adjusted to fix the issue. There haven't been any reports of seat issues in the field.