Samsung releases limited edition robotic vacuum cleaner that looks like Darth Vader


For example, you'll get Vader breathing when you turn that model on, and it plays the Imperial March when returned to its charging station. The poster was released prior to last Monday's debut trailer, and fans who scoured the poster to discover secret details quickly began seeing an ominous and familiar shape contained within.

If Darth Vader is too scary for you, maybe you could opt for the stormtrooper version, which is also available. Lastly, the Resistance's Ski Speeders at the bottom of the poster appear to round out the neck area of Vader's helmet. There's no confirmed availability in the Middle East yet, but the Star Wars PowerBots are available to pre-order in the United States for US$799.

With Star Wars mania picking up again with the upcoming release of The Last Jedi, Samsung has announced a self-piloting vacuum (I call them all Roombas), in the style of Darth Vader and Stormtroopers. Both versions produce sounds associated with their respective character. The Darth Vader model mimics the character's infamous labored breather when turned on. The Darth Vader unit comes equipped with Wi-Fi and a remote control, hence the higher price.

VR7000 Star Wars limited edition includes all the core cleaning technologies that Samsung has introduced with the original VR7000m including the CycloneForce technology, the Edge Clean Master, and a suction power of 10 watts.

So if you want the evil one to terrify you while cleaning your home, you can buy one now from Samsung's website for $799. Other various fan-centric activations and rewards with retail and commerce partners will continue rolling out.