Russian Election Meddling Extended to Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go, the popular smartphone game, was the target of Russian agents trying to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, CNN Money reported Thursday.

Under the banner of Don't Shoot Us, a collective that seemed to share the aims of Black Lives Matter but which is now believed to be run by Russians, the game was created to inspire online participants.

How good are your Pokémon Go photography skills?

At one point, the Tumblr page for Don't Shoot Us was advertising a contest encouraging Pokemon Go players to hunt for Pokemon at sites where police brutality had occurred and name the Pokemon they caught after the victims. We're asking, because Niantic is holding an in-app augmented reality photography contest for all players where Pokémon Go has been officially released.

CNN making this discovery revealed that they may have been the only ones to have discovered the page, as they could find no evidence that anyone had even participated in the contest, writing...

Questions should be raised if CNN may have created the page themselves and then "discovered" it simply to report on it.

A group linked to Russian Federation allegedly used Pokemon Go to stir up trouble previous year in the United States.

Once you snap a photo you like, all you need to do is post it to Instagram with the hashtag #PokemonGOcontest and you'll be entered to win one of ten Pokemon Go Prize Packs, which contains a Pokemon Go Plus bracelet, a poster autographed by the Pokemon Go team, and wireless Bluetooth earbuds. This "contest" required people to take screen shots from their phone and share over other social networks, not within our game. The Instagram and Twitter account of the campaign have also been suspended, but the group's YouTube channel and website remain active.