Rajesh, Nupur Talwar acquitted, to walk out of Dasna jail tomorrow


The Allahabad High Court's order acquitting Rajesh and Nupur Talwar, giving them the benefit of doubt in the Aarushi Talwar murder case, almost nine years after their teenage daughter and domestic help were killed, has further strengthened doubts that were raised initially over the investigation of the case and the 2013 judgment that had sentenced the couple to life imprisonment.

Another weird theory stated that the Talwars murdered their 14-year-old daughter after they caught Aarushi and Hemraj in a "compromising position".

Although the court verdict has put an end to an nearly a decade long legal process, several people on Twitter asked the most pressing question of 'who killed Aarushi?' Some of them even expressed concern if the Aarushi murder case will ever be untangled?

Defence in High Court: There was a friendly entry. The Talwars were serving their sentence in Ghaziabad's Dasna jail. Rajesh Talwar deliberately hid the club and later cleaned and destroyed evidence before handing it to CBI.

"The parents can not be held guilty just because they were present in the house when the murder took place". The CBI court had announced life imprisonment for the Talwars in 2013.

"The high court observed that they have been punished wrongly".

Rajesh and Nupur were convicted in 2013 over the charges of murdering their daughter Aarushi and domestic help Hemraj at their residence.

# Allahabad High Court quashes CBI court's decision, acquits Nupur, Rajesh Talwar.

Tanveer Mir, a lawyer for the Talwars, told reporters outside the Allahabad court that the couple would be freed on Friday.

In 2009, the CBI handed over the investigation to a new team, which recommended closing the case due to critical gaps in investigation. There were wounds all over his body and the door to the terrace was found locked from inside. Rajesh Talwar was arrested on May 23, 2008. Also, in both these cases, it seemed like the facts no more mattered.

Rajesh Talwar underwent a narco- analysis test from February 15 to February 20, but even this did not yield any new information.

In 2010, the CBI submitted a closure report in the Ghaziabad Court, and based on circumstantial evidence, suspected the parents involvement in the murder.

The Allahabad High Court has overturned a CBI court verdict in the sensational Aarushi Talwar murder case, acquitting her dentist. The Allahabad High Court also refused to quash criminal proceedings against the Talwars.