Prankster hands the PM a P45


British Prime Minister Theresa May's attempt to relaunch her faltering premiership was badly derailed Wednesday when a keynote speech was marred by an interruption from a prankster, a prolonged coughing fit and finally the disintegration of the stage set behind her.

Nelson, real name Simon Brodkin, told the visibly startled Prime Minister: "Boris asked me to give this to you" before turning to the Foreign Secretary and saying: "Tell them Boris". May was left fighting to finish, barely audible, in front of a packed hall full of delegates at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester.

May, who struggled throughout the speech with her voice due to a cold, got a cheer after eventually responding to the commotion with: "I was about to talk about someone I would like to give a P45 to and that's Jeremy Corbyn".

The latest incident happened just moments after Mrs May apologised to her party for her performance in the botched campaign for this year's snap election.

"Shows what good the chancellor's cough sweet is", she said.

"We did not get the victory we wanted because our national campaign fell short".

Environment Secretary Michael Gove added to the Press Association: "I thought it was a fantastic speech from a Prime Minister at the top of her game".

'I hold my hands up for that.

That's the picture of conference sorted then...

"The test of a leader is how you response when tough times come to you".

May was also forced to stop her speech repeatedly due to a recurring cough.