Microsoft Edge Preview for Android Hits Google Play


Microsoft Launcher comes with a touch of fluent design, the new design language is being used in the Windows 10 operating system and surprisingly Microsoft is also bringing some of the fluent design elements to the Android devices. Although Microsoft Edge has more than 330 million monthly active users but even if a user opens the browser once in a month, it counts as an active user.

Recall that the iOS version of the browser was released only a couple of days ago with a promise to launch the Android browser. What that means is that you will now be able to download and use the Edge browser on your Android phone; something that was not possible before now.

It's now official that Microsoft's own mobile OS is on its deathbed breathing it's last. You should only download the browser if you are comfortable with a few bugs and crashes. Presumably, this syncs your browser on mobile and PC so that you can start on PC where you left off on mobile.

Another new feature is the Continue on PC that lets you view the photos directly on PC without making major changes to any of your devices. Cool as this tool is, only users with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update can enjoy or access it.

You can download the Microsoft Edge preview from Google Play.

So if you did sign-up to be notified about Microsoft Edge on Android, you probably received an email message today announcing its release. We'll link to the app down below if you want to play with it. Microsoft Edge provided the highest zero-hour protection rate at 81.8%, and over time maintained a 24.2% lead over Chrome.

One of the most impressive features of Microsoft Edge is Cortana integration.

While Chrome fans and Microsoft critics will find it easy to dismiss these findings, NSS Labs note they did not receive funding from either party. As a matter of fact, launching the iOS and Android versions of the browser is no assurance that it will dominate and push others aside; a lot still has to be done.