Melania Trump takes dim view of Ivana Trump's 'I'm first lady' comment


On Monday, Ivana Trump in an ABC interview ahead of the release of her memoir, "Raising Trump", said she was "basically first Trump wife, I'm first lady". (38-year-old Donald Trump Jr. was only eight years younger than his stepmor, Melania Trump), Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump's mor Ivana Zelnickova.

The Czech-American businesswoman also boasted of having a direct line to the White House which she uses to she talk to the President about once every 14 days.

It is understood that the current US First Lady and the former British Prime Minister's wife don't personally know each other - indeed their times in office didn't overlap, meaning that they would never have crossed paths on diplomatic tours, or at official events for heads of states.

The insider revealed Trump's first wife was on the phone with him for a long time, shouting at the president and demanding an apology from Melania for daring to disrespect her like that!

"Mrs Trump has made the White House a home for [their son] Barron and The President", it read. The couple were married in 1977 and divorced in the 1990s.

Melania hit back on the comments of Ivana through her communications director Stephanie Grisham.

Grisham added that the statements of Ivana recently have no substance and it is just an "attention-seeking and self-serving noise".

The First Lady kept the dress on for a visit to Lily's Place, a centre that focuses on children.