Macron's Dog Busted Peeing on Palace Fireplace


The black Labrador-Griffon cross chose to take a whizz in a fireplace today at the Elysee Palace, in Paris, while Emmanuel Macron was having an important meeting with members of his government.

Macron was holding talks with three junior members of his government at the time, but laughed off the incident.

Mr Macron then says that Nemo has done something "quite exceptional". One minister can be heard saying, "I was wondering what that noise was". "Does that happen often?" adds aide Julien Denormandie, per the Guardian. The Labrador-Griffon, who was bought from a rescue centre for for €250, follows a tradition for French presidents having a "first dog" after they are appointed.

Regularly photographed with their smiling owners for magazine spreads, French presidential dogs aren't always at ease with the lifestyle at the Élysée Palace.

"You've triggered utterly unusual behavior in my dog", replies the president.

He was pictured with Marcon on the palace steps as France welcomed Niger's president, Mahamadou Issoufou. Unable to do anything to stop the dog, the group simply sat waiting till Nemo finished his business, before they broke out laughing. Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy's dog frequently gnawed on expensive furniture at the presidential residence; so much so, that thousands of Euros worth of restoration work was needed after his tenure was over.