Katy Perry gets stuck suspended above her crowd during a concert


Katy Perry's been storming arenas across the United States on her Witness Tour, which features hordes of backup dancers and elaborate stage constructions.

Katy Perry had a small malfunction during her concert in Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday when she got stuck suspended in the air in front of a massive crowd.

'I'm gonna be stuck here forever!' she jokingly said, and soon after, the stage crew came out to bring her down manually.

Katy Perry might be a superstar, but she wasn't prepared to be left stranded in mid-air during a space-themed performance.

The singer was floating above the concertgoers at Bridgestone Arena while she was sitting on a platform that was created to look like Saturn. "Should I tell some jokes, should I tell some stories, should I just sing another song?" You'd better put your phones up, it's a YouTube moment!'

Katy Perry got stuck in the planet!

Perry's fans didn't seem to mind the diversion, applauding as she told them, "This is not how the show is [supposed to be] going, and you love it". Thanks for teaching me how 2write a real song & sticking by me all these years!'

The star's ordeal wasn't over, however, as the prop was lowered above fans' seats and she had to tentatively leap into the crowd. At one moment, the prop got stuck and it wouldn;t bring her down anymore.

She continued, "What should I do?"