Google Home Mini bug cleaned with update, quick response appreciated


Google has chose to "permanently remove" the feature that led its smart speaker "Home Mini" accidentally record several times a day without being given any command from the user.

The Google Home Mini's top touch feature that allowed you to connect with Google Assistant has been turned off. "The update will be completely rolled out by end of day October 15, 2017". Google told us in a statement that they take "user privacy and product quality very seriously", and by removing this feature, they hope customers who ordered and own a Google Home Mini will have "complete peace of mind" now. Google collected the device from him and then said this week that there was a bug that caused the issue. This can be switched off here, but Google says doing so will negatively impact its understanding of what you say.

He said that he only discovered days after instaling the speaker, it was recording "thousands of times a day" and sending those recordings to Google. Among all those two products there were two gadgets that excited the people most - Pixel Phone and Google Home Mini. Google also noted at the time that the problem affected units that were designed for those who were reviewing the device and wouldn't be a problem in Google Home Mini units consumers would get when the device would go on sale on October 19. The Home Mini is designed as a miniature version of the Google Home that is tiny enough to sit anywhere in your house and can play music or make calls and other smart functions with the help of Google Assistant.

The new status of the tap feature has been updated in the Home Mini controls support page. You can still adjust the volume by using the touch control on the side of the device. A user can activate the device by saying "Hey Google". Following the report, Google has temporarily disabled the feature.

Google Home Mini is an answer to the widely popular Amazon Eco Dot, which is a standalone voice-based personal assistant at your home or office. The company personally sent an executive to collect the device from Russakovskii. The touch-sensitive sides for changing the volume of the Home Mini will remain active.

According to Tech Crunch, those who received the Home Mini at the recent Made By Google events, were the ones affected by the bug.