Facebook Oculus Go VR headset announced


There's no requirement in society for a portable VR device, and so matter the price or specifications, until there is a true need for either consumers or business to embrace VR, it likely won't go too much further.

Oculus has constructed the gadget out a lightweight fabric to make sure it's soft and breathable, important factors considering how tiring it can be to have a machine stuck to a face for long hours.

The resolution of 2560×1440 is actually slightly more than the Oculus Rift, plus it has integrated audio and new "next gen" lens that are created to offer a wider field of view with reduced glare. Better yet, the Oculus Go comes equipped to deal with the transition, support Gear VR applications out of the box.

Then theres a new VR headset – the Oculus Go – and finally, an update on the Santa Cruz prototype. Two positionally tracked controllers have now been added to deliver hand presence. This will reportedly allow the "Santa Cruz" hardware to offer owners "natural and unrestricted movement" while playing VR games. It has since been acquired by Microsoft, which hopes to bring it back to life with its Mixed Reality headsets. The Rift Core 2.0 is an overhaul of the Rift core experience, due to be available as a beta in December 2017.

Oculus' Rift has been here for years, and since its introduction, we have seen dynamic changes subsequently with the introduction of standalone VR gears.

Oculus also showcased its new Rift 2.0 interface that's designed around touch and motion control.

Mr. Zuckerberg on Wednesday revealed how Facebook intends to address that problem, unveiling a stand-alone headset that won't require plugging in a smartphone or a cord tethering it to a personal computer like the Oculus Rift headset does.

We've built true virtual displays at the hardware level, so you can run multiple apps and windows, all with full graphic fidelity and performance. They will be available to order individually for £829.60, or in bulk. Unfortunately for the company, the live stream did not go down well with many users with some calling Zuckerberg a "heartless billionaire" and accusing the CEO of "exploiting disaster".

With a new UI, Home is now free to be yours-a place that reflects your own personality and sense of style.

"Today we shared two significant milestones in one of our largest areas of development". But why? Altspace VR, a firm that raised $10 million and once ran one of the more popular social VR experiences, originally shut down in August citing the "general slowness of VR market growth". Imagine being able to keep all the trophies you have won in games right in your room.