Facebook doesn't hire journalists: Sheryl Sandberg


Sandberg said that Facebook is run by technical workers and engineers and according to her, the company does not produce news content, therefore it can't be a media company.

Meanwhile, on the Russian ad issue, Sandberg said the election meddling on the Facebook platform "shouldn't have happened" and she wouldn't discuss Russia or Trump.

United States lawmakers have said they planned to release the ads placed on Facebook once any personal information on users is removed.

Facebook found roughly 3,000 ads paid for by Russian operatives related to the 2016 campaign.

US intelligence agencies have concluded that Russian Federation used cyber-enabled means in an attempt to help Trump win the White House, an allegation the Kremlin has denied.

Facebook has handed over the information it holds, including the ads, the pages they link to and who they were targeted at, to the Congress and Intelligence committees investigating the alleged election interference.

On Thursday, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg assured members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) that the social media company will name a black director to its board "within the foreseeable future".

Facebook and other major internet companies, including Alphabet's Google and Twitter, are on the defensive as they try to limit fallout from a torrent of revelations about how Moscow sought to use their platforms to sow discord in the United States and influence the election. But when we say that, we're not saying we don't have a responsibility.

"None of us should want this kind of foreign interference and in others to prevent it, we are all going to have to fully cooperate with each other, with government, across the board", Sandberg said.

Last month, Facebook agreed to hand over the ads to congressional investigators in addition to special counsel Robert Mueller.

"Absolutely", Ms Sandberg told Axios when asked if she supported releasing those ads publicly.

Business Insider said Britain was already considering regulations that would treat Facebook more like a media company.