Eating banana and avocado daily cuts risk of heart attack


This includes the cost of health care services, medications, and lost productivity.

Dr. Mike Knapton, a physician from the British Heart Foundation who was not involved in the study said that mice that enjoyed the potassium-rich diets produced more flexible arteries.

The researchers performed the tests on mice to find which levels of potassium such as high, normal and low were good for them. From that total, in 2015, more than half of the deceased were men.

As such, the vital mineral is thought to help prevent heart attacks and strokes in humans.

They conducted a study on mice, who were at-risk of heart disease were fed a high-fat diet. It also comes with B vitamins and an enzyme known as amylase, which encourages normal blood sugar.

Aortic calcification - comparison between low, medium, and high Potassium (K) consumption.

New research has found that eating bananas may help prevent the hardening of the arteries which could result in the development of heart disease. However, this nutrient was believed to loosen them by a little. The findings of the new study back up this recommendation.

Working from living mice down to molecular events in cells in culture, the UAB researchers determined a causative link between reduced dietary potassium and vascular calcification in atherosclerosis, as well as uncovered the underlying pathogenic mechanisms. "All of these disease share common vascular complications, such as vascular calcification". There's still a lot of work to be done to prove this nutrient makes the arteries more flexible, as the World Health Organization says.

The avocado is a single-seeded berry packed with nutritional benefits.

Vitamin B6 -.5 mg, Manganese -.3 mg, Vitamin C - 9 mg, Potassium - 450 mg, Dietary Fiber - 3g, Protein - 1 g, Magnesium - 34 mg, Folate - 25.0 mcg, Riboflavin -.1 mg, Niacin -.8 mg, Vitamin A - 81 IU, Iron -.3 mg.

Bananas are a good source of potassium, containing more than 400 mg of the mineral each. According to Tech Times, just a cup of these will give you 448 mg of the nutrient. Raisin also contains the antioxidant resveratrol, which can help control cholesterol, and reduce inflammation.

High-potassium foods like bananas might be useful in preventing heart problems. According to WebMD, the recommended intake of potassium for humans is 4,700 milligrams per day. This, in food-terms, is not much.

However, overeating potassium can cause stomach ache, nausea and diarrhea in people.