Critical fire weather conditions, Santa Ana winds plague CA through weekend


At least 180 people are injured and hundreds have been reported missing.

The conditions are not expected to get better for firefighters as forecasters from the National Weather Service are predicting a spike in winds blowing from the northeast for the North Bay, though gusts won't be almost as strong as those that fanned several fast-moving and devastating fires Sunday night into Monday morning. All that remained of some neighborhoods are a few blackened chimneys, charred trees and abandoned cars.

In Santa Rosa, several fast-foot restaurants and convenience stores were reduced to burned out hulks, their drive-thru signs leading only to piles of ashes.

He said in the devastating Northern California fires, people were leaving important documents and photographs in safes, but when they returned and opened the safes after their homes had burned, everything was gone.

Bleary-eyed and clutching a styrofoam cup, Napa resident Justo Perez surveyed the contents of the auto his neighbor loaned him as he fled flames surrounding his home on Atlas Peak Road. "And so I wanted all my neighbors that know me on Facebook to see what happened, and what was gone and what wasn't gone so that they have some kind of idea what to do next".

"This to me is like a nuclear bomb went off", Larson said near his home.

On Monday I woke to the terrifying smell of smoke.

As he surveyed the damage, he marveled how some of his neighbors' homes survived. "The fire is close, very close", Hammer said.

On Wednesday, O'Brien and his crew were stomping out flare-ups, hoping to keep the fire from creating more damage.

"It's not going to be anywhere what we saw", said Brian Garcia, a meteorologist with the weather service. "We've had hurricanes three weeks in a row, an quake in Mexico City, and then this fire".

Larson alerted the firefighters to a person missing from his street. "Here we have interpretation of official comments provided by a woman who can read sign language for the deaf relayed to people whose hearing is okay", Howard wrote.

Larson's classic vehicle collection was a smoldering heap of metal.

McCallister said that some of those neighbors are the reason she and her husband were able to grab necessities and get out.

"They don't want to take any chances", Lowenthal said.

"Make no mistake: This is a serious, critical, catastrophic event", Pimlott said. He is helping oversee the 8,000 firefighters battling the flames. They say anything from a vehicle backfire to a thoughtlessly tossed cigarette can bring on an inferno. Appealing yesterday to President Donald Trump for federal aid, Governor Brown said the "devastation and disruption caused by these fires is extraordinary".

A state of emergency was also declared in Butte, Lake, Mendocino, Nevada and Orange counties.