Arsenal vs Liverpool controversial Xmas fixture rescheduled


The highly anticipated fixture between Arsenal and Liverpool will not be moved to Christmas Eve following backlash from the fans.

However, on Thursday, Sky announced that Liverpool would instead play Arsenal on the night of Friday, December 22, and Klopp has revealed that the Merseyside giants intend to help supporters will travel from the game.

Sky Sport has eventually decided against moving back any of the fixtures originally scheduled for Saturday, December 23, to Sunday, December 24, following lengthy discussions with clubs, fans and the Premier League.

The match is eagerly anticipated by both sets of fans as well as neutrals as both sides have had mixed starts to their Premier League campaigns. The team's sit sixth and seventh and are nine points behind league leaders Manchester City.

Three other fixtures have been moved from the 15:00 slot on 24 December - Everton v Chelsea, Burnley v Tottenham and Leicester v Manchester United.

After further discussions, Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore praised the "flexibility" of United Kingdom television broadcasters Sky and BT.

Christmas Eve will be free of Premier League football after broadcasters agreed not to schedule any games for that day.

"We appreciate this is the peak time for supporters attending and watching the Premier League", he said.

"When selecting matches, the broadcasters are using the rights that we the Premier League and the clubs have sold them, and they should therefore not be criticised for doing so".