Amazon Kindle Oasis Waterproof Ebook Reader Launched in India: Price, Release Date


As well as a high-resolution Paperwhite display, thin ergonomic design and waterproofing, Amazon say that - like the original Oasis - the new eReaders will boast a battery life "measured in weeks, not hours". Available for pre-order now, the Kindle Oasis can be yours on October 31, so get ready to have some luxurious reading experiences this winter.

The new Kindle Oasis improves on the luxury version of Amazon's e-reader line from previous year with the addition of an ambient light sensor to adjust the front light, which has an increased number of LEDs and is now more evenly spread.

Amazon says the Kindle Oasis is faster, and now fits "over 30 per cent more words" per page, leading to less page turns. This means that you can now take your e-reader to any place you feel like. Waterproofing has always been an omission on Kindle e-readers, but the Kindle Oasis will now let people read at the beach or in the bath tub without worrying about damage, Amazon said. The all-new Kindle Oasis comes with 8GB storage, which has twice the storage as the first Kindle Oasis and can hold thousands of titles. Another nifty feature, Audible integration will allow users to seamlessly switch from a textual version of a book to its audio counterpart, without having to open the Kindle or Audible mobile apps.

Amazon is offering a 4G model for the cellular variant in the U.S., while in India, it's offering a Wi-Fi + free 3G model.

The tech giant also believes it can counter falling figures with improved durability and specifications, and said its new Kindle is the "most advanced ever". The service has 250,000 audiobooks available for download on an ad-hoc or subscription basis, but one proviso of the integration is that customers buy both the ebook and the audiobook of the same book. The 32GB version will also be available with a 3G connection for [$280], which can be used within more than 100 countries. Rs. 28,999) for the Wi-Fi and 3G model. The device is available for pre-order on and will go on sale from November 15. The more premium leather covers in Merlot and Black options come for Rs. 3,999.