Amazon Alexa gets voice recognition


With this new feature, any Alexa-powered device will now be able to provide specific information to users based on who's talking to it.

The Amazon Echo Show comes with a 7 inch display and features dual 2.0 inch speakers, the device comes with Amazon's Alexa voice activated assistant built in. To set it up, you'll need to navigate to the "Your Voice" section of the Alexa app's settings, then follow Amazon's instructions (you can also find an instructional video here).

This mystery device will supposedly include numerous same features the Show already has (including YouTube playback) while also acting as a smart home hub for various smart home devices. Despite this, Alexa is just now learning how to tell different voices apart from one another.

Google Home had voice recognition capabilities in April, so Amazon's announcement marks the latest move between the companies to meet or top each other's voice assistant. Now, six months later, Alexa evens the score. At the moment the multiple user support will work with Flash Briefings, shopping, Amazon's Music family plan, and Alexa to Alexa voice calling, but Amazon does plan to add more functionality in the future, with the company promising that Alexa will get smarter the more users use it. Additional voice recognition use cases are on the way, Amazon says.