Virginia woman recovering from baby copperhead bite


A Virginia mother is recovering after being bitten by a copperhead snake while walking into a LongHorn Steakhouse in Spotsylvania County earlier this month.

Snake bite victim Rachel Myrick was walking through the second set of entry doors at the restaurant in Spotsylvania County earlier this month when she felt an excruciating pain in her foot, according to WJHL-TV. "My left foot felt a bee sting, a hornet sting - something similar", Myrick told Washington's Top News.

She tried to brush it off and keep going, she told the paper, but felt such a sharp pain she dropped her cellphone and her wallet. Meanwhile, she's using crutches to avoid putting pressure on her foot.

But then she couldn't walk. She said she and her family had gone to the restaurant September 12 when as she was walking into the entrance, she felt a sharp pain in her foot and shrugged it off.

Myrick posted photos of her severely swollen foot and toes on social media.

"It hit the floor between my son, Dylan, and my boyfriend, Mike". She was taken to a hospital for treatment, where she was given antivenin. Wildlife experts said their bites are typically not fatal to humans but can be very painful. The bites caused swelling to spread past her knee, all the way to her hip and thigh.

She said that she is a real estate agent with two active children, which makes this entire situation more of a hardship for her. Myrick spent the next five days in the hospital receiving anti-venom. Otherwise, Myrick said she has not heard anything from the store itself, but does note the company has been genuine so far in the process. "That's a copperhead, we need to call 911", she said.