US Not Disputing NKorea's Claim To Have Tested H-Bomb


North Korea on Monday threatened to "inflict pain and suffering" on the USA, after Washington pushed for new sanctions against Pyongyang for its sixth nuclear test in the UN Security Council, the state-media reported.

The United States is now pressing China and other world powers to slap an oil embargo on North Korea and sanction Kim's assets.

Trump told Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Sunday that the USA is ready to use the "full range" of capabilities, including nuclear arsenal, at its disposal in dealing with North Korea, after the country conducted a test of a hydrogen bomb that could be placed on an intercontinental ballistic missile. And the fall of the Kim regime could lead to a wave of hungry refugees coming across the Korean-Chinese border.

Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi said Beijing supports further United Nations action against North Korea but also wants to see renewed efforts to begin dialogue involving all sides.

After the meeting, Abe and Moon issued a statement saying "now is the time to further increase sanctions and pressures against the North as much as possible rather than seeking dialogue" n.

South Korean officials say THAAD will strengthen the country's missile defenses, which now rely on Patriot-based systems, and will deter North Korea, which has missiles that can be fired from road-mobile launchers or submarines.

In Vladivostok, South Korean President Moon Jae-In tried with little apparent success to convince Russian Vladimir Putin to cut off Pyongyang's key supplies of fuel oil.

North Korea's July 4 launch. Media releases from North Korea often seem intent on proving doubters wrong, and the country's tests sometimes seem created to demonstrate previously unattributed capabilities.

In an implicit recognition that the military options against the North are unpalatable at best and pyrrhic at worst, U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis last week told reporters: "We are never out of diplomatic solutions".

Protesters clashed with thousands of police at a South Korean village on Thursday as Seoul deployed the four remaining launchers of the US anti-missile THAAD system created to protect against mounting threats from North Korea.

The bid for the toughest penalties yet against North Korea comes despite renewed warnings against such moves by the leaders of China and Russian Federation, which have veto power in the Security Council.

Meanwhile, Trump's military, diplomacy and intelligence chiefs briefed Congress on the North Korean threat and USA strategy to address it. Democrats accused the administration of sending confusing signals to adversaries and allies.

"It's hard for an economy to run without access to energy resources and North Korea doesn't drill its own oil, it's the lifeblood of its military", said the senior administration official. Nine North Korean ships would be added the blacklist.

"Military action is certainly an option", said President Donald Trump on Thursday at a White House news conference.

Rodman added that he loves Trump, who he thanks for bringing him on "The Celebrity Apprentice" - a reality TV show Trump hosted before running for and winning the presidency.

"If we do use it on North Korea, it will be a very sad day for North Korea", he said.