UFC Fight Night 117 Results: Gokhan Saki KO's Henrique da Silva


Following the win in his UFC debut, Saki admitted that his conditioning was not up to snuff after a long kickboxing career with three-minute rounds, not to mention a different level of preparation needed to defend against the grappling used in MMA. Saki's mixed martial arts record now sits at 1-1. And his signing was greeted with much fanfare.

UFC debutant Gokhan Saki has pulled off a stunning comeback knockout on Henrique da Silva at UFC Fight Night in Saitama, Japan.

Once the Brazilian hit the canvas, the referee immediately stepped between them to keep Saki from dropping any more punches on the downed fighter.

Gökhan Saki said he was going to take over the UFC and the Dutch-Turkish kickboxing star got off to a strong start Friday. It's been a high-tempo first few minutes and Saki is starting to look a little exhausted and Da Silva connects with a punch.

Then, he made a fatal error.

Saki back to picking Da Silva apart with accurate strikes. You can check out White's thoughts on Saki's performance below. But, Saki proceeded to send da Silva crashing to the deck once again, with a booming left hook.

"Anyone who thinks that's a bad stoppage PLEASE don't ever apply to be refs", White wrote on Instagram.

Da Silva in with a few knees from the clinch.

Still, Saki made quite the introduction as he joins the UFC light heavyweight division with an emphatic knockout in his first fight in the promotion.