Twitter is testing a new feature to compose tweetstorms


Fortunately, according to Matt Navarra, director of Social Media at The Next Web, Twitter is indeed working on making Tweetstorm creation easier.

Subverting the 140 character limit by chaining tweets together into a cohesive "tweetstorm" takes some know-how, or you'll screw it up.

A Twitter user by the name of Devesh Logendran shared with TheNextWeb's Matt Navarra screengrabs of a tweetstorm feature in the official Android app, showing how long tweet threads can be composed and posted en masse.

Apart from helping people condense a couple of Tweets, it will also allow the users to publish an article in a much more intuitive manner.

Serial ranters, such as one President Donald Trump, can draft up lengthy posts which Twitter will then break down into a series of 140 character tweets to be pushed out to follower timelines. For that, Twitter is experimenting a new feature called tweetstorms. The platform is quite popular as more and more people are coming to use Twitter to explore the world's movements.

At the moment, it's unclear whether this unreleased feature will make it to users. A hidden tweetstorm composer has been unearthed in the Twitter Android app, indicating that the feature is undergoing internal testing. However, Twitter refrained from revealing anything on the records, when contacted. A lot of people make these mistakes, causing their storms to get broken up in the timeline. Well, it is here that the Twitter's sorting algorithm will come into play and most likely decrease the visibility of such tweets. It will allow you to compose multiple threaded tweets at once.

Do you often find yourself creating a Tweetstorm?