Twitter celebrates Cardi B's historic No. 1 song


While she hangs out at No. 3, it's come-from-behind Cardi B and the seemingly unstoppable "Bodak Yellow" that's finally claimed top honors.

Previously, Swift's No.1 hits have reigned longer than "Look What You Made Me Do"- "Blank Space" lasted six weeks at No.1 in 2014.

The 24-year-old is just the second female rapper in history to have a No. 1 song without any other artists featured on the track.

Cardi, who's signed to Atlantic Records, recently revealed her debut album was pushed back a bit. In that same profile, Cardi B's publicist Patientce Foster, predicted the No.1 victory. Her friends and family even surprised her once the news was announced.

The last female rapper to have a solo No. 1 hit was Lauryn Hill in 1998. But Cardi being unashamed of her near-death experience from butt injections or the way her breast implants look-that doesn't invalidate her, or make her any less woke.

As soon as folks realized that Cardi B was close to making history three different ways, fans chose to band together to stream and purchase Bodak Yellow multiple times and used super creative ways to get the word out. "I loveee you all each and everybody contributed for this", she wrote on Instagram. Other female rappers - like Iggy Azalea ("Fancy", with Charli XCX) and Shawna (as Ludacris' guest on "Stand Up") - reached Number One on the Hot 100, but Cardi B is the first since Hill to do it alone, Billboard reports. "She didn't need a feature, or a singer on it!" A rapper like Cardi sitting atop the Hot 100 redefines the type of woman who is afforded mainstream rap success.