Trump Didn't Know Hurricanes Came as Strong Category 5 Before Irma


The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills is being investigated after eight of the residents of the nursing home died.

Nursing home operators had put out cooling units and fans in an effort to maintain reasonable temperatures and added additional cooling units supplied by a hospital next door on Tuesday. Dozens of hospital workers prepared a command center outside the building and gave red wristbands to patients with critical, life-threatening conditions and yellow and green ones to those who were in better conditions.

The order followed the deaths of eight elderly people this week at a sweltering nursing home north of Miami that lost power. He told Fox News he isn't sure yet if she's one of the dead.

"All those family members have a right to know what happened", she said. So, they did exactly that, and no one came to the rescue.

- Jim DeFede (@DeFede) September 15, 20172/2 ...three times by nursing home officials saying they needed "immediate assistance".

Firefighters discovered two people dead inside the house, FOX35 Orlando reported.

As for the other residents, the complaint says they were "eventually transferred to Memorial Hospital across the street with injuries associated with and/or caused by high temperatures and neglect".

The Daytona Beach Fire Department said on Twitter a generator had been running inside the home. Also, information released by the state said 44 nursing homes were evacuated or closed.

The overall death toll from the storm climbed to 81 on Wednesday, with several hard-hit Caribbean islands accounting for more than half the fatalities, and officials continued to assess damage inflicted by the second major hurricane to strike the USA mainland this year.

The Florida Health Care Association, an advocacy group for long term care providers, Thursday called the Broward County deaths an "isolated incident" and "not representative of the larger long term care profession in Florida". At least six people in Florida died of apparent carbon monoxide poisoning from generators, and a Tampa man died after the chain saw he was using to remove trees recoiled and cut his carotid artery. I never even knew a Category 5 existed.

"There is no excuse for failing to protect those most vulnerable among us", said Book.

The number of people without electricity in the steamy late-summer heat dropped to 9.5 million - just under half of Florida's population.

More than 10,000 remain in over 100 shelters across the state. But he said that a transformer powering the site's air conditioning "went down" and that management immediately contacted Florida Power & Light, the local electric utility, along with emergency officials.