Top 5 Happiest States for Homebuyers to Consider


Are you happy? If you live in Hawaii, you probably are.

According to a new study, Minnesota is the happiest state in the USA for 2017, with Wisconsin and Iowa both following behind it in the nation's top 10.

43 on a list of the "Happiest States in America", from the list-lovers at WalletHub, a personal finance website.

Minnesota pulled in at number one with a total score of 70.81.

The unhappiness states were West Virginia (No. 50), Oklahoma (No. 49), Louisiana (No. 48), Alabama (No. 47), and Arkansas (No. 46), all of which scored low in the emotional & physical well-being category.

Divorce and separation rates were one of the top-rated factors in the community and environment category, accounting for 6.25 points. And that's where WalletHub comes in.

Not only did New Jersey rank sixth overall, it also has the second lowest suicide rate, the second lowest share of adult depression and the third lowest divorce rate, according to the study.

When asked for specific sources for data used in the study, Wallethub provided a general list of sources but not specific links, authors, or study titles.