The new Apple Watch Series 3, AirPod, Apple TV, ARKit and more


There are rumours that the Apple Watch could launch at the same time as the iPhone 8 at an event on 12 September. Previous Apple Watches needed to be tethered wirelessly to an iPhone. The leak also reveals that Face ID is definitely set to appear in the iPhone X.

Ahead of then, we've been collecting the latest and greatest rumours.

Apple released its third smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 3, and it looks almost identical to Apple's previous two watches, but-finally-it doesn't require you to stay tethered your phone. You can also check out the slides below to see what the Apple Watch can do so that you make the most of your watch. It has the same size as the Watch Series 2 and comes in three colour variants - Gold/Aluminium finish, Silver and Space Grey.

The Apple Watch could soon be used as a tool to detect common heart conditions.

Quanta Computer is the main manufacturer of the Apple Watch since its official launch in 2015, as reported by MacRumors. And as for American Well, the company declined to comment on its involvement with Apple. We're wary of patents as they often don't turn into anything, but this would be a clever way to build off of the otherwise small screen and use cases of the Apple Watch. With that in mind, it's possible the next Apple Watch will be able to monitor our sleep - without ruining its battery life.

Apple is slated to announce a new product line Tuesday. Even for Apple, that would be a big step. Bloomberg says Intel will supply the LTE modem inside the new Watch. This apparently comes as Apple attempts to diversify its dependency on Samsung and the South Korean market for components. It will retail for $399 ($329 for the non-cellular version). The most significant upgrade to the Apple Watch is its LTE capability.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook noted that the Apple Watch is now the top-selling watch in the world, beating out companies like Rolex and Fossil. This feature will also be key in allowing the Apple Watch to make and receive calls independent of the iPhone. The benefit of this is a device that no longer needs to be teathered to your phone at all times, giving you more flexibility. Apple Smart Watch packs in all-day battery life still.

The reports specifically mention the Apple Watch 3, which is expected to boost the company's profits exponentially during Q3 and Q4 2017. The Apple Watch 3 improves on this further, a new processor promises a further 70% performance increase over the S2. Person-to-person Apple Pay (launching with iOS 11 for phones and tablets) is also available on the watch.