The minimap for PUBG's new desert map has been datamined


Details of the September update for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds have surfaced which means the test servers will be going live today.

PUBG developers Bluehole have said that an update on vaulting testing schedules will come soon.

Players will need to rely on their other skills and senses if they want to perform well in the fog, and it should offer an interesting new change to the way the game is now played in that respect. Until then however, vaulting will continue to be worked on internally. Previously, the fog was teased by developer Bluehole and creative director Brendan Greene, so this isn't anything unprecedented, but we'll finally get to see it in action with the next patch that finally dropped. Therefore, we are planning to test it for a longer period of time in early November. It's disappointing for sure, but most players would definitely rather get a fully functioning feature rather than a half step that frustrates more than it helps. Because of this, a lot of testing is required, so vaulting may not start rolling out until November. After sharing just one tweet not too long ago when the game's Twitter account gave one quick look at the fog, the game's team has followed up on that preview with even more screenshots.

The fog mechanic received mixed responses when it was announced with some players excited for the change and others preferring the game like it is now, sometimes concerned with how lower-end computers would handle the fog. A new weapon is also shipping with the new patch, but vaulting is nowhere to be seen at the moment. The Mini-14 is a lightweight and compact 5.56mm semi-automatic marksman rifle.

The layout of the new PUBG map has now made its way online, showing a minimap view of where players will be exploring and battling for loot.