Tesla is bringing its supercharging network to city centers


This year Tesla released the Model 3 to make the all electric vehicle more affordable and accessible.

Tesla has set up almost 1,000 fast-charging Supercharger stations around North America, but people who own its cars in big cities are still hard-pressed for convenient charging solutions. The expansion is in preparation for the first mass-market vehicle the company has produced. A 10-stall location is to open in Chicago and an 8-stall site is to be opened in Boston where chargers will deliver less power than those located along highways or at longer distance locations such as hotels and resorts.

Tesla is surging higher after announcing the next generation of its Superchargers, aimed at dense cities. Shopping malls, grocery stores, and downtown regions are the primary targets for additional charging capabilities. Today, there are around 1,000 supercharger stations globally, with more than 6,500 superchargers in total.

Tesla still wants you to charge your auto at home and pay for it yourself. That is partly why Tesla launched its own supercharger network five years ago, with a view toward bringing super-fast charging stations to highways around the world. The new chargers will have a space-saving design that will make them easier to install and easier to fit in more crowded areas like cities. Tesla has a website that shows all of the open and in progress charging stations, along with targeted openings for those that are still in the works.

According to the company's announcement this morning, using the new urban Superchargers will cost the same as existing chargers, while having a smaller footprint.