Suspected tear gas attack at Frankfurt Airport


Six people are being treated for breathing problems after an apparent tear gas attack at Frankfurt Airport.

"No more measured values of tear gas can be detected and the affected area is accessible again", the official Twitter handle of Frankfurt Airport reported.

Travellers were in no danger at any time during the incident, police said.

It is understood the suspected attack took place at the airport's check-in area in Terminal 1 at approximately 11am. On Saturday evening, federal police detained a 37-year-old man who claimed he was carrying an explosive device in his luggage, DPA news agency reported.

The airport officers wrote on Twitter that an investigation was opened in order to clear the situation and identify the author.

Check-in counters were temporarily closed during the incident but have now reopened.

Frankfurt Airport, one of the busiest and largest in Europe, previously had another incident in Terminal 1.