South Korea warns North Korea may fire another ICBM


Six police officers and 32 other people were injured, none seriously, in the clashes, said a fire department official in Seongju who spoke on condition of anonymity, citing office rules.

President Moon Jae-in has unveiled the so-called new Northern Policy created to expand economic cooperation with northern states including North Korea.

But on Thursday, after days of talks with regional leaders and officials, Putin struck a more optimistic note, saying Russian Federation could see that the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump wanted to defuse tensions around North Korea.

The Ministry of Unification said that the initiative involving the two Koreas and Russian Federation will help implement Moon's another vision to build a new economic belt with North Korea.

Putin also said he and Abe discussed the prospect of joint economic activities by their countries on the disputed Kurile islands. He said the cooperative projects would have to be within the framework of the restrictions imposed by the UN. It will lead to nothing, because what is happening now, of course, is a provocation from North Korea.

Washington and Seoul say the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense system allows South Korea and US troops stationed in the country to better cope with the threat of North Korean missiles.

The US began installing the THAAD system under South Korea's previous government.

During his latest visit to Russia, Moon said Thursday that strengthening cooperation between the South and Russia in the Far East will help pave the way for eliciting North Korea's change.

On Thursday, China, which is North Korea's main trading partner, said it agreed United Nations Security Council should take further actions against its neighbor while continuing to push for more dialogue, according to Reuters.

In a sign of the global stakes over Pyongyang's latest test, China said on Thursday that it had lodged a diplomatic protest with South Korea following its announcement that it would increase deployments of a U.S. anti-missile system.

The launchers join equipment already in place in Seongju: two launchers, an X-band radar, an engagement control station and a power generator, South Korean news service EDaily reported.

The French presidency says Macron on yesterday had an intensive exchange of views by phone with Chinese President Xi Jinping, given the "major role" his country plays in the crisis.