Sharing Instagram Stories Directly With Friends Just Got Easy


The tool is cross platform allowing brands to upload stories into Ad Manager to be used across Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram has released two updates to it's Stories feature overnight. Stories now boasts more than 250 million daily active users, a higher number than Snapchat's entire audience.

As stated, if you share a lot of Stories, but don't want strangers seeing them, you can disable this share option in your Story settings.

Select a story from the upper stories area which you like to share with your friends in a direct message. This changes today with the expansion of Instagram's ad tools.

Instagram says that this feature will enable its users to share stories that they find interesting with other users. So, the integration between Facebook and Instagram will become more easier than ever. When the original story disappears from the feed, you will no longer see that story in your Inbox which means the story will be disappeared from your Inbox as well. If your profile is public, anyone can view or share your stories. These ads will still be clearly labelled as "Sponsored" material but at first glance they could be mistaken for a regular story post.

- Instagram is announcing several new features for advertisers on Tuesday, September 12. The latest involves enabling users to share other people's stories through Direct messages on Instagram. With this, you will be able to share your liked stories with an instant new way. If you don't see the user you want to share the story with in the list provided you can also search their user name in the search bar. If you seen an Instagram update, download it.

Users just have to tap on the Direct icon at the bottom right when they're viewing a story and they can then choose who they want to share the Story with. The update will be available on iOS and Android platforms with their respective new versions.