Sarah Huckabee Sanders Holds White House Press Briefing 9/25/2017


The North Korean foreign minister then told reporters that the president's words had been a declaration of war and that they had the right to shoot down American warplanes in global airspace.

On or hand, Sanders, on a question about growing tension between United States and North Korea, said, "We have not declared war on North Korea, to be honest, it is absurd to say that." said.

Sanders responded to a reporter during the White House briefing who mentioned that football player Colin Kaepernick started the protests to speak out against police brutality.

The White House would not say Monday whether President Donald Trump regretted calling any NFL player protesting the national anthem a "son of a bitch", and defended remarks that have outraged athletes and their team owners alike.

He said: "However, that weekend, Trump claimed that our leadership wouldn't be around much longer, and. he declared the war on our country". Today, Sanders called it "absurd"; she also called it a "suggestion" by the foreign minister, rather than a declaration.

Ri also said Pyongyang would defend itself by shooting down American bombers even if they fly in global airspace.

"I think that it's always appropriate for the president of the United States to defend our flag, to defend the national anthem and to defend the men and women who fought and died to defend it", said Sanders. "Our goal is still the same", she said.

"Doing that through both the most maximum economic and diplomatic pressures as possible at this point".

He added that the US only seeks a "peaceful denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the end of threatening actions or provocations by North Korea".