San Diego County tackles hepatitis A after outbreak kills 16


San Diego has been dealing with a deadly outbreak of the highly contagious virus, with officials declaring a public health emergency in the area earlier this month.

LA County public health officials have stepped up the cleaning of Skid Row, using bleach mixture to try and prevent a local hepatitis outbreak.

Most cases to date have been identified in patients who are homeless or drug users, but include workers at a health care facility working with those patients, the county director of public health said in a news conference.

"This is our community and we are working day and night to take care of it". "It's going to require a sustained effort but we will get through this".

We call upon California's Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, to launch a criminal investigation of San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer for his willful neglect of the health and safety of homeless San Diegans over the past 1-2 years, which has resulted in 16 unwarranted deaths in San Diego from Hepatitis A so far.

San Diego County health officials on Friday advised the public that anyone who consumed any food or drinks at the oceanfront World Famous restaurant on certain specified dates may have been exposed to a person infected with the hepatitis A virus, the LA Times reported.

And even those without symptoms can spread the disease, which mostly occurs though contact with feces via surfaces or sexual contact.

"Basically, if an individual is infected with hepatitis A and they use the bathroom and don't wash their hands, and then they can spread or contaminate the environment: door handles, ATMs or whatever they touch", Wooten said. "For those considered at-risk, they should get vaccinated".

Dr. William Tseng, past president of the San Diego County Medical Society, said the region's medical systems and providers are fully engaged in helping address the outbreak. There is no treatment or cure available for Hepatitis A, so victims will need to endure the sickness, and that can last several weeks. Officials have yet to determine the source of the outbreak. The county sent a directive at the end of August to demand the city to wash its streets and expand access to public restrooms.

In addition, the City has partnered with the County to provide free vaccination clinics at public libraries on a regular basis from now through December.

In partnership with American Medical Response and the Downtown San Diego Partnership, the City will also be providing free vaccines to the public at Golden Hall in the Civic Concourse, 202 C St., from 7 4 p.m. Thursday.