Samaritan's Purse Bringing Help to Puerto Rico and Dominica


Hurricane Maria caused an estimated $40 billion to $85 billion in insured losses, mostly in Puerto Rico, catastrophe-modeling firm AIR Worldwide said Monday. As reported by TMZ, Jennifer Lopez is going to donate a million dollars to help the island, where still lives a part of his family. They say they are heart-broken to leave their home but at the same time, they had no other choice. Hurricane Maria left devastating damage and affected hundreds of thousands - that's why I chose to create this fundraiser to help provide basic needs and rebuild all that was lost.

Many are still without power in Puerto Rico.

"We need more resources from the Department of Defense so we can get helicopters and resources".

Lopez, co-chair of the Empire State Relief & Recovery Effort, urged people to support Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Mexico with donations and contributions.

The Associated Press does report that local officials have "praised" the Trump administration's response but ask for the emergency loosening of USA federal rules over the unincorporated territory, such as the Jones Act which requires Puerto Ricans to buy goods from American-made ships with American crews.

Ortiz has a trip planned to Puerto Rico in December but doesn't know if she'll be able to go because of all the storm damage.

"Agriculture is the most vulnerable sector to natural disasters", Carlos Flores Ortega, secretary agriculture for Puerto Rico, told The NYT.

Gladys Figueroa is helping with relief efforts by collecting clothes, food, and water to be sent to the island. "Hurricane Maria has devastated our island", she said.

On Sunday afternoon there were stacks of bottled water, diapers, canned foods and other supplies to be sent to the US territory.

"I will always be a New Yorker and I am a proud Puerto Rican", Lopez added.

Hurricane Maria has left Puerto Rico paralyzed but there is help at home - right on Main Street in New Britain.